The Importance of a Premium Domain Name

A domain name is the foundation of your Internet business, it is a digital asset that offers global opportunities.  Investing in the correct domain name can make a huge difference to your online business and can often be the difference between success or failure. Having a memorable domain name will enable your customers to bypass the need to search for you and direct them right to your website. 

Your domain name also has an impact on your search engine rankings, so the more basic and easily associated your domain name is with the products or services you provide, the more likely you will rank higher in the search engine results. 


Having a memorable, keyword-rich domain name will not only reduce your marketing and advertising costs, but will also boost your search engine rankings. Your customers will recognize your domain name as a credible and authoritative source for your industry and deliver your business a lifetime relationship. The brand you build online will keep working for you long after your most recent advertising campaign has been forgotten. This is why buying or leasing a Premium domain name can be so important to your business!

What is a Premium Domain Name

 A Premium domain name is a domain that has previously been registered and is now available for resale. These types of domain names may also be called "aftermarket", "pre-registered", "pre-owned" or "secondary market" domains. Attempting to purchase your ideal domain as a newly registered domain is virtually impossible, especially in the dot com arena.

  • A Premium domain name is a piece of Internet Property (like land on the internet) and should be considered as an asset rather than just a name. Your business needs a name that people will notice, remember and visit, One that will set you apart from your competition. Your domain not only defines your business, but your email address as well. Using your premium domains website email address will enhance your business legibility. (using a yahoo, hotmail or aol email as your business email is a sign of a small operation and unsecured emails) 

  • Premium domain names have increased in popularity over the past few years due to the limited availability of quality names. Many of the word combinations have already been taken.


Look through our inventory of Premium domains, and remember, when buying the right domain name, it will only help your business grow.

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